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Re: dumplings

>>These sound very much like the dumplings that are served in places like
evans and cracker barrell. I have  never had them as they always come with
type of meat based stew or soup<<

Yes that is exactly right my Nana made the best and this is my converted
recipe. In our part of Pennsylvania we called it Chicken potpie.  She was a
from a  Mennonite family and grew up farming and living off the land.
 I have changed her recipe to suit the way we eat now that my husband has
heart disease.  I cook up a nice veggie broth with lots of onions celery and
potatoes some times I add Chicken Not from Dixie Diner but most of the time
I just skip it.  This is what I make when I need comfort food it rely takes
me back.  Course my Nana would never understand why I do not use a nice fat
hen when I make it but ha well that was another time and place.  She was a
wonderful cook but I would not be able to eat all most anything she made if
she were alive today.  Way to much fat for our current diet.  I am working
at redoing some of her best recipes to my way of cooking.
TaTa for Now,
Nancy  Adkins
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