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questions about questions


For the person looking for the 'slice' recipes, what is slice.  Does this
refer to the process, or an ingredient.  I am not familiar with what you are

As far as the nutlettes being substituted for grape nuts, the texture would
be the same, but the nutlettes are much dryer, and bland tasting.  You would
need to add more sugar or seasoning to replace the lack of taste in the

Thank you very much for the person who posted the spinach/tofu lasagna
recipe last week.  I made it last night and it was a big hit.  I did cut
down on the spinach as we are not big fans, but I only eliminated one or two
ounces.  Next time I think I will brown a pound of gimee lean sausage flavor
and create another layer with a bit more sauce?

Joseph A. Bonaiuto
Fingerhut, S.P.A.