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Ellen's Fat-Free Cheesecake

My husband loved a full fat cheesecake and my daughter changed the recipe to 
the following. Sorry if I posted this before.

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                    Ellen's Fat-Free Cheesecake

Recipe By     : Ellen Whitney
Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
Categories    : Cheesecakes                      Chocolate/Cocoa

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   1      cup           sugar
   8      oz.           non-fat cottage cheese
   4      Tbs           non-fat butter substitute (like Promise or
   8      oz.           non-fat cream cheese
   3                    eggs (use non-fat egg beaters or 4 egg
   1      Tb            lemon juice
     1/2  Tb            vanilla
   2      Tbs           cornstarch
   2      Tbs           flour
     1/2  pt.           non-fat sour cream

Cream sugar and cottage cheese together with an electric mixer, blender or
food processor to try to get it as smooth as possible.  When smooth, add rest
of ingredients.  Beat 15 min. with electric beater on high.  (I usually get
too impatient and "cheat" on the 15 min).  Put into a round pie plate or
spring form pan -- you might have a little left over ( I then use a small
corning bowl and make a tiny "test" cake for me to eat before the "guests"!!)
 Bake at 300 for 60 - 70 min until it is solid and slightly browned.  Shut
off oven and let sit for 3 hrs.  I usually garnish with fresh berries, or a
combination of chocolate(see note below) and berries.

Grahmn cracker crust --  8 grahmn crackers crushed, add apple juice
concentrate and a little water to make it sticky.  Press into the bottom and
side of baking dish.  Pour cheese cake mixture on top.  Or if you want a
chocolate grahmn cracker crust also add cocoa and powdered sugar to the crust
mixture.  OR spray bottom of pan w/cooking spray and sprinkle on a layer of
granola and pack down.  Sorry I don't know the amts.  I just do it by "feel".

For a chocolate sauce topping:  Mix cocoa, powdered sugar, butter substitute,
apple juice concentrate and water to make a thick paste.  Heat in a double
boiler.  Put into a plastic baggie.  Snip corner with scissors and swirl
around top of uncooked cheese cake in a spiral pattern.  With a toothpick or
knife make lines through the sauce to make a nice design (like the spokes of
a wheel -- boy this is hard to explain!!)  OR the lazy way is to use some
non-fat chocolate ice cream sause (like Hershey's) and just squeeze it on
right from the bottle!!