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Re: Garbanzo Beans

Hi everyone! My favorite bean of all time is Garbanzo beans, and since 
everyone has been commenting on the delicious bean I thought I'd make a 
comment too. I buy the bean canned, I do not soak or cook them myself. The 
reason why is because I have found a wonderful brand name that is not only 
delicious but has no salt in the product, and you do not even miss it. 
Sometimes you get a can of garbanzos and they are dark in color and still 
have the skins on them. This brand I use is wonderful because the skins are 
removed and the color is beautiful. The name of the brand I use is called 
Eden Organic No Salt Added Low Fat. You can buy it in the health food section 
of your grocery store or a health food store. I buy the bean by the case 
because it is cheaper that way and I use it a lot. By the case from my local 
co-op is only about 11.00 verses the 3.50 at the store. I encourage you to 
try this brand because I have always had wonderful results with it.