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Re: Flour & pastry flour

At 02:59 PM 11/21/99 -0500, brrgrrl@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Is there a huge difference between flour & pastry flour?

Pastry flour is fine-textured soft flour that is used in cakes and
pastries.  It makes an item more delicate and should not be used in bread
which needs a hard flour.

I keep regular and whole-wheat pastry flour in the freezer and always use
it when the recipe calls for it.  The recipe you submitted called for whole
wheat flour but the poster indicated that she had used whole-wheat pastry
flour with success.  So, you could use either one.

Recently I had whole-wheat pastry flour on the grocery list that dh took to
the store.  I told him that they probably don't have it and that I usually
get it from the bins at the natural foods store.  He proudly came home with
wheat pastry flour which is not the same thing.