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Rubbery cookies--What did I do wrong?

Let me preface my question by stating that I'm new to this lifestyle and new 
to the fatfree list.  I appreciate your patience as I ascend the learning 
curve *smile*

I love baking cookies, so I thought I'd give the pumpkin-oatmeal cookies from 
the archives a try (submitted by Jane Colman, Nov. 22, 1993).  However, they 
came out kind of rubbery.  The directions say to bake them 10-20 minutes.  I 
baked them for 15 minutes.  I must add that I didn't have any difficulty 
eating a couple (for research purposes only, of course!), although I'd 
probably add a little more of the spices to give them a bolder flavor.

Did I do something wrong, or do cookies without fat have a rubbery texture to 



Julie-Ann M. McFann
Doctoral Candidate
Educational Psychology
Temple University