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Re: Ornish diet

On Wed, 5 May 1999 17:07:34 -0400  chefjeff7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> However, due to its  nutritional focus, I have posted it on the
> pf-foods list.

The list refered to above is the powerfoods chat list. The pf-chat
list is open to all discussion including nutrition.  So folks who feel
that FATFREE is a bit too restrictive might find that pf-chat is a
nice companion forum.  It's still a new list, so volume is very light
at present.  Questions and discussion concerning nutrition are welcome
there, as well as non-vegetarian issues.  

Jeff's response on this issue was very good, so I do encourage
interested parties to join pf-chat.  Jeff's post will be on the
pf-chat digest tomorrow, so if you join today, you will get it.

To join pf-chat:

send email to: pf-chat-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
with the subject: subscribe

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