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thank you and suggestion

	Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions about college cooking 
and healthy eating.  It really helped me out a lot and I can't wait to buy my 
new mini rice cooker (which at least three of you suggested I do).  
	What I thought might be helpfull is if we could each list our 
favorite cookbooks that contain our favorite fat-free/veggie/vegan dishes.  I 
know that many of us may be addicted to cookbooks and have dozens and dozens 
of them, but if you're like me there are one or two of those books that seem 
a little more worn in than the others. 
	So why don't we pick out the ones with the most dog-eared pages and 
share those little treasures with everyone else? 

	The most abused member of my library right now is: "Light Fantastic!" 
by Millie Snyder and Alyssa Alia.  It has over 200 easy to follow recipies 
for everything from the appetizer to dessert and all of it is meat-free :)  
Each recipe has nutritional facts to go along with it, and there are some 
really cute 'health tips' scattered throughout the book.  It's great for 
those meals when you don't have TOO much time to prepare.

please share some of your personal favorite with me-
love and happiness~