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The McDougal Quick & Easy Cookbook

I want to give a big thumbs-up to The McDougal Quick & Easy Cookbook
that I just got via Michelle's link to Amazon. The recipes really are
quick and easy. I've noticed a few exceptions to the quick part, but
these are noted up front, like "have cooked rice on hand". There don't
seem to be a lot of these cases, though.

I particularly like the organization and index of this book because I
can easily find main dishes that don't rely on beans (my husband won't
eat them) and can skip the Mexican food section if I've been making too
much of that lately and just look at Pasta, for instance. 

The margin notes and tips are really useful, and the book has
nutritional information scattered at random throughout the book. This is
a good idea in my opinion, because I'm more likely to read something I
come across when flipping pages than I am to read a whole chapter or two
at the front or back of a book.

Try it out and see if you like it! As I try recipes, I'll be happy to
share them with the list.

Julie in San Jose