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Italy and ff

I haven't ever really attempted to eat totally fat free in Italy, but
tried to go low fat during my three month stay in Fall of 97. I know that
Margutta is supposed to be very good, but I haven't tried it myself.
One option for a quick, inexpensive and I think very good place to eat is
Ristorante Brek across from Largo Torre Argentina (perpendicular to the
bus stop in front of the archeological excavations). There is a roman bar
on the main floor and a small made to order pizzeria. The second floor
has a self-serve restaurant that has an excellent selection of food
choices for everybody. The great thing is that they also have a
non-smoking section (something is sorely lacking in Rome). It works well
if you are with a carnivore who can get something grilled or with a few
people and really don't want to split a check. Breks are all over Nothern
Italy--Verona, Bologna, Mestre (Venezia), and Vicenza. I heartily
recommend it.

Insalata Ricca in Rome (off of largo di chiavari and one in piazza di
pasquino) is a salad place. good stuff, cheapish, just ask for your salad
senza olio.  

The bakeries (fornaio) will have pizza rosso, another option.

We found a great sandwich place off via governo vechhio this January. I
can't remember the name off the top of my head, but the line out the door
may be a clue.
There are a bunch of veg. restaurants listed in what I consider the
best guide book and survival guide to Rome - Time Out Rome. This series is
great if you like to do things off the tourist track and are looking for 
interesting shopping stuff. They are also on the web at:

They have a great guide to Florence and Tuscany too, but its not on-line
Try trattoria za-za in florence.

Have a great time. I'm going back in December (milder weather, artichoke
season, less touristy, way cheaper) for ten days.

Nazila Merati
Department of Landscape Architecture
University of Washington