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Baking fat substitutes

	I have tried "Sunsweet Lighter Bake" and it worked very well.  
However the last time I purchased it, it seemed watery.  I tried it anyway 
with poor results.  I brought it back to the health food store and they took 
the rest of their supply off the shelf and returned it to the distributor.
	What I generally have used in the past as a fat substitute for baking 
is babyfood "Gerber 2 - Plums with Apples".  It works as well as any other 
product that I've tried.  It's inexpensive, and comes in convenient 4 ounce 
(1/2 cup) jars.  Since you use a whole jar each time you bake, you need not 
refrigerate it unlike the larger jars of "Lighter Bake".  I always keep a 
supply of jars of babyfood in my cabinet so whenever the mood strikes me to 
bake, I have them on hand.  I use an amount equal to the amount of fat listed 
in the recipé.
					Sumner Kagan
					Newton, MA