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baking fat substitutes

>Subject: baking fat substitutes
>I am so amazed at the recent suggestions for butter
>substitutes in baking: chestnut, winter squash, and navy
>bean purees.  Who'd have thunk?
>Riki Darling

I can not wait to try some of these ideas but I have not seen mention of my
favorite. In fact I just backed a cake using it this morning.

Has anyone else been using Sunsweet's  Lighter Bake   It is really whipped
prunes but it is a wonderful butter and oil replacement.   You simply use
one half the amount of Lighter Bake as oil called for in baking recipes.

1 cup oil  =  1/2  cup Lighter Bake

It has worked great for me.   But what I am searching for is a way to make a
nice fluffy icing for my fat free cakes?   What is working for any of you?
Please share.  I have lots of family outing this summer and would love to
show up with a FatFree healthy cake that looks as good as the ones I used to
bring.  Up till now I have been doing a Applesauce cake or carrot cake with
just a powdered sugar design in place of frosting.  Tastes wonderful to me
but I guess I want to show the world that we are not starving to death on
this "crazy diet"
Or as one of my husbands "kinder"<g> cousins put it " He would just die if
he had to give up his fried chicken or chicken and dumplings"  I was not
feeling particularly "Kind" that day ( we were only one week post Triple
bypass) so I responded that he was more likely to die if he kept eating it.

TaTa for Now,
Nancy L. Adkins
Bethany Beach, Delaware
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