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Re: Crockpot oatmeal

I use my mini crockpot to cook grains for breakfast but I always use either
steel cut oats or whole grains, not rolled oats.  Whole grains come out
perfectly when cooked this way.  Perhaps your rolled oats need more water?

Debbie C

At 05:01 AM 3/6/99 -0600, Kathleen wrote:
>I found and bought a mini crockpot for my breakfast cereal, but the two
>times I used it the oatmeal was brown and overcooked at breakfast time.  We
>ate it, but didn't really enjoy it.  The mini Rival crockette I bought came
>with directions for the cereal which suggested using the water to grain
>amount the cereal maker recommends and then cooking it for eight hours, and
>I did that.  It has just on "on" setting and not a high and low setting as
>does my larger crockpot.  I used regular rolled oats, not quick or instant.
>Does anyone make their breakfast cereal in a mini crockpot, and how do you
>do it?
>I was hoping that this would work and then we could move beyond plain
>oatmeal to other grains.  We are always running around here too fast in the
>morning to spend much time preparing great or long cooking cereal, so the
>mini crockpot was supposed to be the answer.
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Iowa City, Iowa