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Re: TVP chunks -- Dixie Diners Club

I wholeheartedly second this recommendation.  Their web site is at

Their TVP products come in beef, chicken and turkey flavors and in strips,
chunks, and granule (like hamburger) form.  For best results, remember that
these are not instant foods, they need to be reconstituted and allowed to
sit for a while (overnight is good) to achieve the best consistency.
(However, you can add them to wet foods like soups and stews without
reconstituting first.)  I like to reconstitute a bunch and then freeze in
recipe-size amounts.

They are very good and, I think, a good value.

Debbie C

At 09:31 AM 3/6/99 -0600, Jo in Minnesota wrote:
>You can find excellent soy chunks in Dixie Diner's Beef
>Not!  They have a website which I can rarely locate and a
>phone number is 1-800-BEEF NOT (1-800-233-3668). They also
>have ch**cken flavored chunks and other m**t flavors.
> Lots of other good soy based products too.  Request a
>catalogue, their service is just great.
>Jo in Minnesota
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Iowa City, Iowa