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Crockpot oatmeal

I found and bought a mini crockpot for my breakfast cereal, but the two
times I used it the oatmeal was brown and overcooked at breakfast time.  We
ate it, but didn't really enjoy it.  The mini Rival crockette I bought came
with directions for the cereal which suggested using the water to grain
amount the cereal maker recommends and then cooking it for eight hours, and
I did that.  It has just on "on" setting and not a high and low setting as
does my larger crockpot.  I used regular rolled oats, not quick or instant.

Does anyone make their breakfast cereal in a mini crockpot, and how do you
do it?

I was hoping that this would work and then we could move beyond plain
oatmeal to other grains.  We are always running around here too fast in the
morning to spend much time preparing great or long cooking cereal, so the
mini crockpot was supposed to be the answer.