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Re: Granola pie crust & oatbran muffins

--- Karen Barbarisi <KBARBARISI@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote ---

>One of the recipies for apple oatbran muffins from last week calls for 3
>cups of oatbran without using any flour and then all the other spices,
>applesauce and baking powder.  I just wanted to check if oatbran was all
>that is used without any flour.  I would prefer this but have never seen
>a muffin recipe without flour.  How do they bake up, are they moist and

Yes, the Apple Oat Bran Muffins and the Banana Oat Bran Muffins bake up
with a wonderfully soft, moist texture.  They contain only oat bran, no
flour at all.  I should have said this in my original posting, several
people have questioned me about this.  The applesauce and the banana add
a lot of moisture to these recipes and the baking powder expand them
enough so they are not too dense.  I know this might seem unlikely to
many people, that you can make a soft muffin with oat bran only.  But 
these recipes meet that requirement.  They are easy to make and really
good!   Give them a try.

Randall Morgan   bf453@xxxxxxxx   Los Angeles, California