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Granola pie crust & oatbran muffins

I don't remember who gave the recipe for the granola pie crust but
thanks, it was delicious.  I just used an apple cinnamon granola
moistened with apple juice.  I really didn't think it would work but it
was surpisingly good.  I cut up apples and made an apple pie.  It was
good hot or cold.

One of the recipies for apple oatbran muffins from last week calls for 3
cups of oatbran without using any flour and then all the other spices,
applesauce and baking powder.  I just wanted to check if oatbran was all
that is used without any flour.  I would prefer this but have never seen
a muffin recipe without flour.  How do they bake up, are they moist and

Thanks so much