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yogurt cheese

fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I was particularly taken with their description of
> "yoghurt cheese": Dump a carton of non-fat, plain,
> yoghurt into a sieve; put it in the 'fridge over a bowl;
> and let it drain overnight. It makes a fat-free "cream
> cheese"! Gee, I feel an attack of Cheese Danish
> coming on!!

I just dump it into a coffee filter lined colander that is resting on a
lip of a bowl.  Since I already use coffee filters for my coffee, I
figured why buy a sieve when the filters work well :-)

Hi Everybody,

My name is Lisa and I for many years was a fat-free vegetarian.  The
last couple of years, I have been seduced into the "Zone", Protein Power
and even High Fat/Very low carb regimes, but I'm back now to eating
lowfat (mostly vegetarian) food.  I feel better eating this way.  I know
that its not for everyone and actually there are pluses and minuses to
each of these plans, but personally, I feel better eating this way (the
low fat way).

Anyway, I'm glad to be a part of this list.