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RE: Pump sprayer

Well, I tried my pump sprayer from Trader Joe's today and I think it works

Tips I read on the box indicate that you should only fill it half way.  You
need air space in order to be able to build up pressure.

Also, mentioned were:  making sure the lid was screwed on tightly - not
cross threaded, and make sure black rubber seal is in place inside the cap.

I find the mist is not as fine as the factory pressurized cans, but then the
oil is not full of propellants and chemicals this way.  I also do not like
throwing away our precious resources.

So, I am happy with the results.

The company which makes this particular sprayer is called "Browne and Co.
Ltd." from Canada, and the product is simply called "the Spray Pump"

Hope this helps,
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