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misto oil sprayer

like becky, i have a misto and am very pleased with it.  i have two, one
with flavored olive oil and one with plain.  fifteen or so strokes of
the pump seem to last me for quite a few spray sessions of 2 or 3
seconds each, so unless you're spraying a large baking dish or skillet,
rapid loss of pressure shouldn't be a problem.  i can't compare it to
other oil sprayers as misto is the only one i've run across so far.

misto has a website, if you're interested:


one thing to be aware of:  the plastic tube part of the pump has a tiny
slit in its rim (apparently this is part of the functional design) that,
if the misto is pumped too vigorously, can crack, making it impossible
to build pressure.  i emailed misto from their website when this
happened to mine; they responded promptly and (in just a couple of
days!) sent me a replacement tube at no charge.  i'm now more careful
not to get carried away when i'm recharging pressure.

disclaimer:  i have no affiliation with misto, etc.--just a satisfied