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RE: FATFREE Digest V99 #69

>Reusable, pressurized (pump to create the air pressure included -same
as the pump bug sprayer we use in the garden!) spritzer I purchased
Pampered Chef home party last week for less than $8.  I am very
pleased with
it's performance.

I've been very disappointed with the one I bought from a Pampered Chef
party.   I can pump it, but all the pressure goes out in about 20
seconds, so I have to pump, pump, pump, pump, pump...then spray and if
I need more, I have to pump, pump, pump, pump....and so on.  Of
course, I could consider this a feature, not a failure <g>.

I would return it, but unlike Avon or other reputable home party
businesses, I'd have to mail it back to the States to get a
replacement or a refund.  It's just not worth it.

Does yours lose pressure right away?

Karen Lopez, I.S.P.
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