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Good book!

I just got a copy of "Secrets of Low-Fat Cooking"
that I bought from Jessica's Biscuit. It was put out
by Eating Well, and has scads of techniques for
reducing fat. Since I'm new to low-fat cooking I feel
really lucky in finding such a great book right off
the bat. (Also, the pictures are gorgeous!) 

I was particularly taken with their description of
"yoghurt cheese": Dump a carton of non-fat, plain,
yoghurt into a sieve; put it in the 'fridge over a bowl;
and let it drain overnight. It makes a fat-free "cream
cheese"! Gee, I feel an attack of Cheese Danish
coming on!!

Also, I want to report on the xantham gum that
a list member recommended to me. It works great!
I added a rounded teaspoon of the stuff to my tofu
recipe (16 oz. of tofu) and came up with a nice, thick,
creamy, pudding. After chilling, it's as thick as any
cornstarch pudding that I've seen. 

-- Dian