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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #152

From:          fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:       FATFREE Digest V99 #152
To:            fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:          Fri, 4 Jun 1999 03:26:29 -0700

In response to RubyTues's last post:

>First, because I'm extremely silly, you have to help me rid myself 
>of the idiotic mental picture I have of an "heirloom tomato salad".  
>As I am neither trendy nor on vacation, I have no idea what that 
>could be in reality.  

Heirloom tomatoes are simply a kind of (wonderful! delicious!) 

>Then we move onto Michelle's comment, Yamaimo?  Ewww.  You probably 
>like natto, too, don't you?   I'm guessing that yamaimo relates to 
>the mountain potato sashimi (I know what sashimi is but we're 
>probably not talking about a normal potato) and what is natto???  

Natto is fermented soybeans.  My own personal opinion is -- YUCK!  
They are DISGUSTING!  The taste like dirty sweat socks and they are 
slimy.  Also, in my own personal opinion, mountain potato (or 
mountain yam) is nowhere near as gross as natto -- although it is 
slimy also.  If you can get past the slime (which I can't) it 
actually tastes okay.  As I said, these are just my own personal 
opinions.  I have a friend who LOVES natto, and anytime we go out for 
sushi (vegetarian that is), she ends up ordering a roll with natto as 
one of the ingredients.  To each their own!

Have a healthy day!
Tina in Pasadena