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For Judy, who wants to know about watercress: it's another "green", with
tiny leaves and a peppery taste.  It should be available in the fresh
produce section of any supermarket, often in a little plastic tub with the
fresh herbs and the sprouts.  It is not an "exotic."  My girlfriend (another
Judith), whose family room was at ground level in an area with a very high
water table, had watercress (and mushrooms!) growing on her family room
carpet....Dinner, anyone?  You can grow watercress (on purpose) yourself.  I
think you just scatter the seeds on a (clean) damp sponge, keep it watered,
and harvest the leaves when they get big enough.  Tell me if I'm right or if
I'm hallucinating, fatfree-ers!  Good luck, Judy, and post your recipe!

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