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protein snacks

2.  I need to increase my protein intake.  Does anyone have suggestions
for "snack-size" protein eats?  I'm looking for some protein-rich foods
that I can keep in my desk or the fridge at work--easy and yummy foods =
would be best for me.  I eat a lot of FF cottage cheese and peanut
butter =
with rice cakes, but I need some more variety.=20

In response to Deborah who is looking for protein snacks I munch on soy
nuts. They are high in protein and lower in fat than peanuts or other
nuts. Also I tend to eat alot of soy products - soy milk, tofu, TVP etc.
I have recently tried those veggie slices that look abit like fake ham
and they are OK in a sandwich, and veggie slices are good too.