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noodles anyone....

happy new week to all the fat free members...hope that this finds you
all well and enjoying the beginning of a new week....

thanks again to EVERYONE who helped me locate some WONDERFULLY
INTERESTING heart healthy restaurants in the monterey/carmel/santa cruz
area....next week we will try them out....as many as possible...bless
you for you time and help!

since i threw out that question to all of you and gained such wonderful
results,  can i ask another?  i have wanted to ask this question for a
long time....since so many of the readers are experienced travelers,
here goes..

we live not too far from san francisco...sometimes we have the terrible
craving for a huge bowl of "comfort food" i.e. chinese noodles!
NOODLES.....we love all pasta's and since noodles...chinese style are a
pasta...we love them very much...san francisco area has many  chinese
style restaurants so we are confused by which to to to first....

what we are looking for is a good reliable restaurant that serves
GOOD/HEALTHY noodle dishes...preferable heart healthy again, but we are
not shy about asking to omit or reduce the amount of fat in any dishes
we order....never MSG either!

we are not fond of the tourist areas. i.e. china town, unless there is
an exceptional restaurant to be found...too much traffic.  what we are
looking for is someplace in one of the many neighborhoods....quiet,
small, not fancy...some of the best chinese restaurants are the little
ones tucked into a neighborhood.  also so that access is handy.  we see
so many small restaurants that look very interesting, but sometimes are
afraid to venture out on our own with out recommendations....

we enjoy lo mien dishes very much and just plain noodle soups...with
lots and lots of veggies...
so if anyone has a secret spot that they would not sharing.....if this
is one of our favorite spots....we promise not to take up the table too
long...this is for those times when we just cannot go without good
comfort food in the form of chinese noodles....we will have our coats
and car keys at the ready!  we are willing to drive for NOODLES!

any other recommendations for NUTRITIOUS chinese foods are warmly
accepted too....please help!

again, you have all been wonderful...i know that maybe this is not the
proper forum for asking "travel eateries" suggestions....but i feel that
we all would like to help each other have a happy and healthy life...an
i do greatly appreciate you being so kind and helpful...i know that i
would love to help anyone who needs suggestions about a restaurant or
other food request...kindness does make the world go around...and i do
thank your warmly for YOUR KINDNESS!

hope all is well with each of you....angels are with you all.

~Live like there is no tomorrow,
Love like you've never been hurt,
Dance like no one is watching~

~May you always hear the sound of wings
outside your door...Angels are with you~

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                   . . (_ / ^ \ _) . * .
                   . * . /-----\ .* .
                    Guardian Angel