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Re: veggie curry

A complete departure from your curry combination, but it's a favorite of
mine this time of year... 
Saute about 5 (or more!) cloves of crushed, fresh garlic with about 1/2 a
chopped onion in just a little vegetable broth, so it doesn't stick. Add
another cup or so of broth, 1/2 cup of white wine and tons of fresh spinach
(preferably the tender, baby leaves). The spinach wilts a lot, so put in
more than you think you'll want. Adjust liquids according to the amount of
spinach you've added. Then squeeze in juice from 1/2 a lemon, and stir until
the spinach wilts. Add a little ground pepper. When the spinach is wilted,
throw in 1 or 2 chopped tomatoes and cooked pasta or rice (I usually use
whole wheat bow tie pasta), toss and serve immediately. Takes about 10
minutes and when the ingredients are fresh like that, it's phenomenal. You
can also add mushrooms to the onion/garlic step.