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Breadmaker flour substitutions

Hello!  I am a person who likes to substitute various things in my recipes
using a lot of flour, to save on a few calories and carbs.  I use things
like mashed apples, carrots, green beans, etc. to take the place of a cup
or so of flour.  (Like if a cake recipe calls for 3 cups flour, I generally
use 2 cups and then an apple or mashed carrots or green beans.)  I guess
this may be getting too picky, but for my breadmaker bread recipes, the
usual amount of flour for a 1 1/2 lb. loaf is 3 cups.  That can add a bunch
of calories to a relatively small amount of bread!  I was wondering if it
would work to use 2 cups of flour, and say, mashed carrots (with as much
liquid drained off as possible)  along with the other regular ingredients.
Has anyone ever tried this or does anyone have any suggestions for
substitutes for flour, especially for the breadmaker?  

Thanks for replies in advance!
Peace with a smile,