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soy beans & miso

Hi everyone,

I finally found some soy beans and miso (I live in Germany and several  
standard-fare items can be difficult to locate here) ... now I need help!

I'd like to make "soy nuts" from scratch... how do I do it? I would think  
the process would be the same for soy beans or chick peas, right? ...  
soaking the beans overnight, boiling until tender?  then coating with some  
sort of spice mix?? and roasting in a low oven? (200F? 250F?) for how long?

You can see I'm not too good at guessing the specifics... Any help out there??

And for the miso -- I've never used it before and never really payed  
attention when it was discussed here and elsewhere... Does anyone have any  
great recipes? ideas? uses? Surfing the net or archives is difficult for me,  
since the phone costs are so outrageous here...

Thanks in advance for your help!!