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Re: Santa Cruz Restaurants

I don't know that Dharma's is fat-free (it's been years since I've eaten
there), it's vegan fast food.  Originally, they called themselves
McDharma's, the "Mc" had a yellow circle and slash through it.  If
you're interested, I can give you directions -- e-mail me privately.

As for other restaurants, you can pretty much order anything you want at
the restaurants -- have them make substitutions for you.  Some good
options are, at a deli, have them make a vegie sandwich, hold the mayo,
and use mustard instead, and hold the cheese.

There are several Fresh Choice restaurants in Santa Cruz (2), and I'm
sure there are probably some down toaward Monterey and Carmel.  I live
in Santa Cruz, and only visit occassionally down there (and I make a
low-fat exception when I travel through Castroville -- the artichoke

Also, in Santa Cruz, there is a health-foods market (Staff of Life)
that  has a deli next door.  They have a few fat free options, like
brown rice and steamed vegies.  Because Santa Cruz has a lot of the
hippie types still there are many vegie options here, but they aren't
necessarily fat free options.

Let me know if I can be of more help.



Sheri Motsenbocker
Santa Cruz, California

ICQ#: 3181173