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>(If you've had polenta, you've basically had a firmer version of grits.)  

While both grits (hominy grits is the full name) and polenta are made from
corn, there are some differences.  I got the following information from the
Vegetarian Times website:

>Hominy: Dried white or yellow corn kernels with the hull and germ removed
>mechanically or by soaking in slaked lime. Available canned, ready-to-eat
or >dried. Ground hominy is called hominy grits in the South; Native
Americans >call hominy posole, which also is the name of a Southwestern
stew >containing hominy.

I believe the lime may increase the calcium content of the hominy, but
wouldn't stake my life on it--does anyone else know?  I know that many
years ago, women used to make their own hominy using lye; I don't know when
lime became the process of choice.  Anyway, grits are coarse ground hominy,
while polenta is made from corn meal.  


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