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Sandwitch substitutions

I have been ovo-lacto vegetarian for a few months now. While looking for
vegetarian recipies, I found most people went for high fat to get the flavour,
which I detest. You can't believe how happy I was to find the fatfree website!

I thought I had a great low fat spicy lacto-vegetarian sandwitch, but it
doesn't fit the strict recipe restriction.

I'm looking for advice on what I can substitute.

I use a sliced sandwitch cheese to start the sandwitch. It does add a bit of
flavour, but mostly its to protect the bread against leakage from the watery
ingrediants (beetroot & tomato). Its also extremely convenient. Anyway, I'm
sure it could be substituted, but I don't know what with. I already use lettuce
to protect the other slice of bread, but I don't want to double up.

I'm using a wholemeal multigrain bread called Leckerbrot. Do the seeds in this
(or any multi-grain bread) contain too much CFF to be VLF?
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