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Uses for Zucchini

Nancy Adkins was asking for suggestions for all that zucchini.  Don't
forget to add them 
to your stir fries. You can also make stuffed zucchini - I believe there
are some recipes
in the archives.  Sorry, I don't have a recipe - I literally throw mine

A favorite of mine is baked zucchini slices.  Scrub the zucchini but do not
peel.  Halve lengthwise (or in thirds if they are very large), cut each
section into 6-8 "logs" (large julienned pieces), salt lightly and bake on
a cookie or baking sheet at 300 or 350 
degrees for 20-30 minutes, until lightly browned.  They are a very
delicious snack and 
you can use up lots of zucchini this way.

Natalie in Milwaukee