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zucchini pancakes


Nancy has an abundance of summer squash.  There are dozens, perhaps hundreds
of recipes using this wonderful vegetable in the fatfree archives, above is
the site for the zucchini recipes.

I went there looking for a particular recipe which I couldn't find, it is
zucchini pancakes.  This was posted several years ago, I forgot by whom. I
love this dish, can't quote the exact recipe but it goes something like

2 cups grated summer squash
1/2 cup rye (or whole wheat) flour
Egg substitute to equal 1 egg
soy or skim milk to achieve correct pancake consistency.
about 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Stir to make a batter, and cook in a hot nonstick fry pan.

I like to serve with a mustard sauce, I use the Mori-nu silken low fat tofu,
put in a food processor, thin with juice of one lemon and water to make like
sourcream.  Add a tablespoon or more, to taste, of good mustard, Dijon is
great.  You can also add fresh herbs if you have them, dill is nice.  Stir
and serve wit the pancakes.

(if this was your recipe, please post the correct version!. And thanks, I
love these)
Jan G