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Black Beans in Australia

Hi all,

I have a request for any of the Aussies on the list who may have come
across black beans for sale here in Australia.  I see so many recipes here
with black beans in, and after pigging out on black bean burritos in the US
last year would love to experiment.  I'd really like canned ones if they
are here, but I guess if I had to cook them I could manage....  So any
ideas of outlets that sell them would help.  I'm in Adelaide in South
Australia, but do get around to different places, so any suggestions would
be welcomed.

And our latest "recipe" for a filling dinner that is quick and warm and
easy is pita bread filled with microwaved veges.  My husband is becoming
the pita king - something different every night!  The usual is some potato,
carrot, onion cooked in the microwave, add some mushrooms, fresh spinach,
brussel sprouts or anything else that is lurking in the fridge.  Cook them
all, mash so they are just squishy but not totally pulverised, and spoon
into pita bread halves.  Great topped with your favourite sauce (plum,
oyster (if you eat it), soy etc).
Also good for a quick work lunch, heated in the microwave, or eaten cold.
Don't ask me for quantities, its just a matter of what you have and what
you like.  Try it and see!!

Adelaide, South Australia