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Millenium and cukes

Hi all,

To the person who is enjoying the Millenium cookbook:  I've wanted
to get that for a while and now will for sure.  I ate at Millenium while in
San Francisco a few years ago and it was heaven!  I'm going to
be in San Fran again this fall and will go again.  It's so nice to be
able to go to a restaurant and order off the menu and not have to
quiz the server about veg or nonfat options!

To the person looking for cucumber ideas:  Slice the cucumbers
thin (peel or don't peel- which ever you  like), put them in a bowl and
cover them with cider vinegar and grind in a lot of black peper.
This is a nice summer side dish.  Or add the cucumbers to
a bowl of (nonfat) sour cream with lots of black pepper and
a pinch or two of dill weed.

Pam D