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The secret to weigt loss

> my life. I also buy non-fat versions of everything & eat many small meals a day,etc... I feel I'm doing everything the "right" way, but yet
> the weight is not going down.  Could it have to do with the extra carbo's I'm now replacing meat with? (pasta,rice,potatos,bread,etc...)


You mention that you're not losing any weight.
You talk about what you're eating and not eating, but you didn't mention if you're on a regular exercise program.  It's extremely simple:  if you ingest more calories than you burn off in a day, you will gain weight, whether those calories come from animal flesh or beans.  Physical activity burns calories and keeps your heart and lungs strong.  Weightlifting tones and builds muscles and strengthens the skeletal system.  So you see, losing weight isn't the only benefit of an exercise program.  

Also remember that where there's protein, there's also fat.  This includes beans, tofu, milk, nuts & seeds etc.
Yes, these foods are good for you, but sometimes folks forget that plant foods can also be high in fat.

Food for thought.  Good luck!