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never tried zucchini advice

Dear Lisa, 
Zucchini is FULL of water.  Do this to see how soft it gets (plus it is a 
good quick dinner).

Buy a zucchini (not too big or it will be seedy, in that case, cut out the 
seeds) and slice it (in 1/4" rounds or "sticks' like short carrot sticks)., 
Liquid-saute some onion in a pan, when almost done, add zucchini.
When it begins to look cooked (softens), add a clove or two of pressed garlic.
stir a little more, add some rinsed and drained (cooked) black beans.  Add 
salt and pepper to taste.

Serve over rice or barley, or wrap in a tortilla or lawash.

My mother couldn't lose weight until she joined the new (point system) Weight 
Watchers and realized she wasn't eating ENOUGH for her size.  She ate more 
(healthy stuff) and began to get out of starvation mode and is losing weight. 
 Incidentally,she eats a handful of cashew a day to get enough f*t.  She had 
been craving peanut butter.  All her food was highly processed Fatfree and it 
was screwing her up.

 - Julie in Kalamazoo