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Weight bench

My gym is closing and I've decided to put some $$$ into strength
training equipment for home.  Decided (with some advice from a fitness
professional) to buy a bench and free weights.  Went shopping on Sunday
and found there are a number of bench styles.  A variety of pimply-faced
teenage sales staff tried to be helpful but weren't.  There is a plan
flat bench - could use it as an extra picnic table bench.  There is a
bench that inlines/declines and has the pad to put your legs over to do
crunches.  Then there are these benches that are all the above *plus*
have the padded T-bars for leg extension and handles for arm and chest
work.  You simply slip on the appropriate weigh disks.  There isn't a
great difference in price -  $99 and $149 plus the cost of weights.  The
multi-task machines are a bit large but that isn't a real issue for me.

My weight training experience is limited to Cybex machines at the gym.
Anyone have experience working out on this type of equipment?

Thanks - Carma
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