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Hello...1)plain NF yoghurt is good on FF refried beans. 2)mix plain NF
yoghurt with grated cucumber, garlic powder, and finely minced onion.
Serve with plain rice.  3)Make your rice not so plain...when cooking add
some chicken-flavored chicken-free boullion powder and lemon juice.  This
is good with a Greek or Middle Eastern style meal like falafels (baked,
not fried.)  4) Almost any canned cooked bean can be drained and added
to chopped celery, chopped onion, maybe some pickle relish, some FF mayo
or Nayonaise and a dash of cider vinegar. This makes a nice side salad.
5) marinate garbanzo beans in FF Italian dressing to add to your green


>>Can any suggest some other sauces that I could make easily that would
>>work with plain rice and plain beans?
>from Bette