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Re: balanced diet/oil-free dressing

Hello...I am reading John McDougall's MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS PLAN and that
has 21 days of menus in it.  They are vegan and very low fat.  They sound
good.  I haven't tried any recipes yet.

I tried something new tonight and in my opinion it worked.  We were having
Italian and I had the regular Italian dressing that I make, but no fat-free.
Now normally I am not a big salad dressing eater to begin with...a teaspoon
is enough for me...and I don't like the taste of ff dressings.  But I
thought I better not give in.  So I took an Good Seasons empty cruet,
filled it with apple cider vinegar up to the vinegar AND water lines, then
added the  Italian Good Seasons mix, and filled the cruet the rest of the
way up to the oil line with water.  Shook.  Tasted just fine to me.  I like
the more vinegary taste anyways.  I know I have tried the oil-free Good
Seasons years ago and did not like at all.

>I am a newcomer to the digest..would like to know where to find or can
>someone send me a sample of a balanced menu for a week of vegetarian cooking
>so I know I am getting all I need to get nutritionally... I cannot eat
>tomatoes and green peppers and since a GREAT many vegetarian recipes call
>for them...I was wondering what would be a good substitute for these
>ingredients without compromising the taste of things.... thanks :)