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Re: feeding 6 mo old

Hello...I got out my son's baby book to see what I did for him.  Since he
was the first I actually filled out everything in his book.  Is 9 kilos
about 22 pounds?  Andrew at 6 months was almost 17, not overly fat, but
really solid.  He is now 14 and 5'9" and about 140lb.  He was raised
vegetarian.  I look back at the book, and I kept really good detail of
when what food introduced etc.  He had mostly single foods.  Not a lot
of prepared recipes...not till much older.  At six months he really was
just beginning solids, the same age the others began.  Then I just
followed the rule of only introducing one new thing every few days.  I
have lots of allergies, and some did show up in my children also.  I
was able to figure them out quickly and avoid that food for the future.
It wasn't till 10 months or so that I see that I started giving him
things like lasagna, pancakes, casseroles, soups.  I cook everything
from scratch so there was not a lot of added salt.

Regarding your daughter, get her one of those childrens cookbooks and
an apron and her own mixing spoon and childsafe knife etc.  Children
love to eat what they have had a say in and what they have helped
prepare.  All my children can cook to some degree and ALWAYS accompany
me on shopping trips and help me fill out my food coop orders.  Food
does not just magically appear on the table.  Good luck.


> Hi I am Susan, working mother of 2 young
>kids. I have a 6 month old baby boy who is already 9 kilos, probably due to
>overload of milk. He is now on solids, do you have any nutritious tasty baby
>recipes out there, low is salt and sugar and of course fat. He is into the
>lumpier foods now and will eat anything which is good. Can I feed a child
>this age tofu? I have baby recipes but I am struggling for new ideas and
>variety to encourage new tastes. My older daughter(5) is so fussy I cannot
>stand to cook for her some days. I love to cook as fat free as possible
>although we are not vegetarians but I cook with very little meat - more for
>the flavour aspect of it and a little iron. I find all the posting here
>really interesting and entertaining.