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easy tofu recipes

Hi Linda--

I'm also new to tofu cooking.  I just keep trying new stuff--some
works, some doesn't :-) (luckily, my family eats most of the
"failures", too).  My biggest tip for tofu is to be sure to drain it
well (when appropriate), otherwise the texture is very mushy.  To
drain, wrap the block in a paper towel, put in a sieve or colander,
and place a heavy weight (I use a bowl with a heavy jar in it).  Set
the colander over something to catch the drip, and let this drain for
half hour or so.

Some of my favorite ways to use tofu--

blend soft tofu and use in pies (see archives for great pumpkin pie
recipes)--don't drain tofu first.

"egg" salad.  drain firm tofu, crumble, add dijon mustard, chopped red
onion and celery, dill seed, basil, etc.  marinate 1/2 to 1 hour
before serving.

sloppy joes.  Drain tofu, crumble, add sloppy joe sauce (I used steak
sauce with garlic powder and chili powder for extra kick).  Marinate
for a few hours, then brown with some sauteed onions.

Good luck! 

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