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Re: durians

Oh, I forgot to mention how we store durians here.

NEVER ever leave durians uncovered in your fridge. Unlike you like a
"natural durian air refreshener" of course. If there're leftovers (very
unlikely), we would remove all the fruit from the spiky shells. An airtight
container would be used to store all the fruit. Then place in your
refrigerator. I've never known anyone here to freeze durians so I have no
idea if it'll work. It'll probably change the texture, so why do it? Oh, by
the way, chilled durians are the very best. 

I used to HATE durians so much as a kid. My cousins would chase me round
the house with durians, trying to stuff them in my mouth. And I would be
running in fright and tears. After so many of those sessions, I think I
began to love durians instead. They regret it now of course, I fight with
them for their fave fruit!

Karen Lim