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Re: durians

Oh durians!

My favourite fruit in Singapore. Most Singaporeans love it. The more yellow
and moist the flesh, the better. The famous D27 range of durians can easily
cost SIN$50 (US $37) for one. 

The smell IS pungent, but most people like it that way! The stronger the
smell, the better the taste.

Durian is used in all kinds of desserts here. Durian cream puffs, durian
cake rolls, durian crepes, durian cream cakes, durian pudding, durian on
shaved ice, steamed durian "cake".. in fact anything with some durian flesh
added to it would raise its original price by at least 150%.

I don't know if durians are fat free, they're definitely VERY high in the
sugar content (diabetics beware). But they sure are yummy! I guess you
would either love it or hate it. It's like with salt & vinegar chips or
cilantro.. an acquired taste.

Karen Lim