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We have spent time in San Jose in the past, due to the fact that our
daughter and son-in-law live here. We have always noted it extremely
easy to get a very wide variety of FF vegetarian foods here. But now, it
is even better. We have never seen such a variety of low fat vegetarian
foods anywhere else than in Northern California, especially in Silicon
Valley. I think Nathan Pritikin would be shocked and delighted. No doubt
he would have been amazed. I know that California tends to get a "bad
rap" in other parts of the Country, perhaps by those who feel that only
"weirdo's" live here.

Of course that is silly, but certainly it is true that a large number of
cultures share this area, with a polyglot of languages and cuisine's. I
know that Michelle does not like commercial references, but the local
Whole Foods stores in San Jose and Northern California, are
extraordinary. I have never seen anything like them. The variety of FF
vegetarian foods is absolutely breathtaking.

Other members of this web site might consider coming to vacation here,
knowing that they will face a veritable paradise of low fat food. Am I
waxing too ecstatic? Come here and see for yourself.

Mike Rosenblatt