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Re: asoefatida

Hello...Asafetida used to be put in bags and worn around the neck
as an amulet of protection.  Something re voodoo I think


>Yes, Shell, asoefatida, also called hing, does smell bad. But it is really
>nice in recipes as it gives a dish an onion-like flavor. You don't use very
>much, only about a pinch.
>I have a tiny little spoon that holds about a pinch. A little bit lasts a long
>time. I last bought it about 12 years ago and keep it in a well sealed brown-
>colored bottle. The smell of asoefatida has been described in many ways, about
>the politest is saying it smells like old socks. I wouldn't go as far as
>saying I love it, but I like what it does to the flavor, so I just ignore the
>smell. I love Indian cooking which is primarily where it's used.
>Jan Bennicoff