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Eggplant and Asafoedita

Two comments re Digest number V99 10

The eggplant baking in the oven for the Peasant Caviar MUST be poked a few
times with a fork, knife, toothpick, whatever before you bake.  Otherwise,
it can explode!  My father narrowly escaped terrible burns when he once
baked an un-pricked eggplant and then poked at it to test doneness -- the
thing blew up.  Luckily the superheated debris avoided him, just made an
incredible mess.

As for asafoedita, it is indeed pungent, but I have never found the smell
repugnant.  It changes when cooked and is a vital part to many excellent
indian recipies.  It is used in very small qualities.  I suggest using an
airtight plastic container.  I once found that a plastic film roll holder
worked very well!