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Does asoefatida smell bad?

				Hi,  I bought an Indian spice called asoefatida, when it arrived it
smelled so awful, I can say without fear that it was the most repugnant
smell my DH and I have ever smelled in our lives.  I wrapped it in 3
carrier bags and pushed it to the back of the cupboard under the stairs,
but the smell crept out and made us feel ill every time we went into the
kitchen.  I had to throw it away and it took me ages to get rid of the
smell from anything the bag had touched.  I could never eat anything with
that in.  I have never heard of this spice before then and was wondering if
it is really meant to smell like that?  I can't believe anyone would eat
the stuff I had.  Is it possible that it was off or bad or something?  I
have seen recipes using it since but can't pluck up the courage to buy some
more.  Greatful for any info.

Love Shell.