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lovely gumbo dinner

when I was standing in line last week at the supermarket, I read a
recipe, altered it to take out the meat and fat, and created a GOOD ONE!
this chilly weekend I made a lovely gumbo in my crock pot - I chopped 
1 large onion and added 2 cups of kernel corn (I used frozen, canned
would be fine), a can of chopped tomatoes and 1 cut up potato and 3
chopped stalks of celery.  I also added just 1 carrot that I found
lonely in the veggie bin.  Then I added 1 pkg frozen chopped okra and
just a bit of water, barely to cover, and let it simmer for 6 hours -
You caould add favorite spices or veggie bouillion cubes, add salt and
pepper for taste -- it was very filling and delish with bread on a
wintry eve!  hope you all enjoy!
diana in st. louis